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Learning is all about listening and remembering

  • Good acoustic correction promotes intelligible speech while reducing the reverberation time, which is estimated to be between 0.4 and 0.8 seconds for classrooms, thereby creating the ideal environment for concentrating and learning.

  • In France, acoustic correction in schools is governed by the Noise Control Regulation of April 25, 2003.

Safety first

Excellent fire protection must be a top priority to guarantee users' safety.
These requirements may sometimes include the need for impact resistance, since corridors, passageways and gyms are prone to impacts. The Eurocoustic Acoustichoc® range satisfies the criteria governing resistance to repeated impacts as defined in the EN 13964 standard on suspended ceilings (Class 2A and 3A).

In a pleasant environment designed for learning

In what is a typically noisy environment, the use of blues and greys can influence users' behavior by inspiring a sense of comfort and calm. Touches of complementary dynamic colors can breathe extra life into the room.

Brighter colors can be paired with neutral tones to create livelier spaces, decorate high-traffic areas and stimulate the senses of the youngest children in play areas.

Floral colors can be used for dining areas.


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