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In a patient's hospital room, good acoustic correction boasts a number of benefits, including:

  • A low sound level of less than 35 dB.

  • Privacy and confidentiality by minimizing the transmission of sound from one room to another.

In France, acoustic correction in health care facilities is governed by the Noise Control Regulation of April 25, 2003.

Safety first

Excellent fire protection must be a top priority in health care facilities to guarantee people's safety. Staff and patients alike are entitled to a healthy environment. The products in the Eurocoustic health range meet the three criteria in French Health Standard NF 590-351: 2013 on the control of airborne contamination (control of airborne particles, kinetics of particle decontamination and microbiological cleanliness). Therefore, they can be used in the three types of area (2, 3 and 4) specified in the standard, including rooms with the most stringent requirements, such as operating theaters and examination rooms.


In an appropriate and relaxing environment

We offer a selection of energizing and welcoming colors for reception areas and corridors. They can also serve as a visual reference point, particularly in nursing homes.

Soft colors are ideal for medical centers, since they produce a calming and appeasing effect.

Whites and off-whites are best at reflecting natural and artificial light, meaning that they are especially suited to areas such as laboratories, which need to be bright and light to ensure the best working conditions.

Pale and soothing shades offer an excellent alternative to white colors in waiting rooms for easing stress and tension in patients.


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