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The best workplace is where you can hear and make your voice heard

  • In an office environment, sound quality is essential for meeting rooms, while low sound levels are critical for individual workspaces. In other words, good acoustic correction is vitally important, since it reduces the level of noise and prevents the annoying and stressful cocktail party effect.

  • Sound insulation solutions should be fitted according to the degree of privacy required.

  • The NF S31-080 standard (Acoustics - Offices and associated areas) defines the acoustic performance levels and criteria by type of area.

Safety first

Excellent fire protection must be a top priority to guarantee users' safety.

In a workplace promoting interaction and productivity

Vivid colors are ideally suited to corridors and passageways, because they procure a sense of wellbeing and good cheer. Since they catch people's attention, they can be used to guide occupants, highlight openings and give specific areas greater appeal. High morale in the workplace has an undeniable effect on raising the productivity bar.

Choosing a single color can enhance an individual workspace. Warm or dark colors create an intimate atmosphere, while cold or light colors open up new perspectives.

A monochrome design brings harmony to collective areas and elicits a sense of calm and comfort for occupants.

Neutral colors interspersed with vivid highlights are the perfect solution for unfurnished office floors by procuring a feeling of relaxation.

Warm colors help drive the brainstorming process and encourage teamwork. They are especially suited to meeting rooms.

Natural colors create a sense of peace and tranquility amidst the sometimes stressful and noisy atmosphere of an open-plan office.


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