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  • Effective acoustic insulation in shops helps create an atmosphere geared toward sales and can be adapted to suit the venue's intended purpose (nightclub, hotel, restaurant, etc.), while ensuring intelligible conversations and crystal-clear sound. Acoustic correction should provide the comfort and sense of calm that users need.

  • In France, noise control in hotels is governed by the Noise Control Regulation of April 25, 2003.

Safety first

Excellent fire protection must be a top priority to guarantee users' safety.

In comfortable venues conveying the brand's image

The choice of colors reflects the brand's visual identity and plays an important role in allowing consumers to identify the brand.
The broad array of colors in the Eurocolors range offers a host of design choices to suit every brand identity.
Vivid colors highlight key areas in certain retail surfaces and catch the consumer's eye. They are the perfect solution for supermarkets looking to separate specific product sections.

The contrast between the warm, cold, light and dark colors creates a cozy atmosphere in bars and restaurants. The most traditional combinations with complementary colors can also elicit a feeling of excitement. 

The harmonious use of warm colors brings a cheerful and dynamic touch to collective dining areas, while cold tones lend themselves perfectly to areas with an intimate, calming ambience.


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