About Eurocoustic

Eurocoustic has forged an international reputation as an expert in acoustic correction and absorption, fire protection, and thermal and acoustic insulation solutions. The company designs and pioneers high-performance ceilings solutions to raise the comfort bar on all your building projects.

Eurocoustic manufactures stonewool acoustic ceilings and wall panels, metal grids for modular ceilings, hi-tech wools to address your specific issues and insulation panels.

Eurocoustic draws on its expertise in surveying buildings and analyzing occupants' needs to design modular solutions in response to specific space constraints in both the tertiary and industry sectors.

The company employs 200 people at two sites in France:

  • Production and head office in Genouillac (Creuse).
  • Senior management and sales in Paris La Défense.

By raising specifier’s awareness on the performance of its products, Eurocoustic helps improve occupant’s well-being in all rooms in which its technology is present.

Eurocoustic is part of the Saint-Gobain Group, one of the world's largest and oldest building products companies, which is present in 67 countries with more than 170 000 employees.
The Group mobilizes its companies’expertise and provides a range of solutions for buildings that are comfortable, more energy efficient and more pleasant to live every day. Its high-performance materials are also found on industrial and consumer markets, such as the automotive, aeronautical, health and energy industries.