The advantages of our products

Eurocoustic solutions have been designed to make everyday life easier, whether receiving, storing or installing products:

Markings on tile backs: our ceiling tiles are marked on the natural glass fiber veil covering the back, which ensures:

  • Easier identification of our products once they have been removed from their packaging
  • Clearer indication of the fitting direction to simplify installation 
  • Superior traceability as part of our continual improvement policy

Color-coded packaging: we have created a color code, so that you can identify our different ranges with just a single glance, whether in the storeroom or on site:


  • Orange for the Minerval® range*

  • Blue for the Tonga® range

  • Purple for special tiles



  • Green for the Quick-Lock® Hook-On range

  • Red for the Quick-Lock® Clip-On range

  • Black for perimeter profiles

Improved storage: most of our tile pallets feature an intermediate wooden pallet to:

  • Reinforce their stability and thereby increase safety for workers
  • Allow them to be stored as half-pallets for even greater flexibility


ISPM 15-compliant wooden pallets: our tiles are packaged on pallets that comply with International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM 15). These standards aim to prevent the spread of insects and disease. They are mandatory in some countries, such as Portugal and Morocco, and are gradually being introduced in others. To keep one step ahead of new regulations, Eurocoustic has decided to switch most of its products to wooden pallets treated according to ISPM 15.

Easy installation

  • Eurocoustic ceiling tiles contain stone wool, which significantly simplifies the installation process. They can easily be cut with a craft knife without generating any noise or dust.
  • Quick-Lock® grids feature numbered slots to save invaluable time during assembly.

Easy-to-open boxes: our packaging is designed for easy opening. For example, Quick-Lock® grids are packaged in boxes that open at the top for safe removal of products.

Reusable boxes: our Quick-Lock® packaging is especially resilient and can easily be resealed for storing any unused products.