Metal, a material that has many properties

Considered to be a high-quality material that is both durable and easy to customize, metal meets many different challenges. Steel has numerous attractions that enable it to deal with the environmental issues arising during a building’s lifetime.


The robustness of metal is such that maintenance operations in the plenum do not now represent any kind of constraint. The grids can be dismantled time and time again without undergoing the slightest damage during maintenance operations.


Steel is 100% recyclable without damaging its properties and without implying waste disposal costs. It is in fact considered to be the most easily recycled metal in existence.

With regard to the sorting of steel, it possesses magnetic properties that enable it to be identified very easily in waste dumps and household garbage. Thanks to selective collection waste metals can be incorporated very effectively into production processes.


Thanks to protective systems against corrosion, such as metal coating (galvanization) or painting, steel properties are preserved throughout the entire life-time of a structure. The main component of metal grids, this material gives construction projects outstanding longevity.


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