Product Benefits

  • Numbered runners for easily identifying lights.
  • Tool-free removal of runners.
  • Removal of cross tees by simply pressing the clip.
  • Grids can be reused after removal.
  • Guaranteed connections with an audible click.
  • Stable cross tees as soon as fitted.
  • Visible 35 mm wing, ideal for oversize modules.

Caracteristics & Performance

Fire reaction

According to EN 13964:

  • For white: Euroclass A1.
  • For colors: Euroclass A1 - A2, s1, d0

Load resistance

  • Refer to the datasheet and DoP.


  • T35 Clip-On system grids belong to Class B according to the EN 13964 standard on suspended ceilings.


CE Marking

  • DoP no.: 0007-100.

Indoor Air Quality

  • T35 Clip-On system products are classed A+.

Installation & Cleaning


  • T35 Clip-On system grids must be fitted in accordance with the requirements of the DTU 58.1 code of practice, the NF P 68203-1 and 2 standards and other applicable standards and codes of practice according to the type of room.
  • Installation must conform to the allowable loads specified in the Eurocoustic datasheets to ensure that the suspension system is safe and suited to the installed load.

Colors & Dimensions


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