Product Benefits

  • Acoustic absorption: αw = 1.00
  • Reaction to fire: A1 (White 09 & EuroColors), A2-s1, d0 (Silver M5 & EuroDesign)
  • Light reflection: > 87%(white)
  • 100% flat irrespective of the Relative Humidity
  • Thermal resistance: 1,10 m². K/W
  • Reduction in artificial lighting needs
  • Natural light intake > 6% (white)
  • Over 600 format and veil combinations
  • 15-year warranty

    Caracteristics & Performance

    Acoustic absorption

    Tonga® A 40
    • α= 1.00 : class A / NRC = 1


    • Light reflection : superior to 87% for white.
    • White: L = 94,80% - according to ISO 11664-4.
    • Gloss: Matt - 0,74% with 85° angle - according to ISO 2813.
    • Light diffusion: 100% of the light is diffused.
    • Natural light intake: + 6% in natural light distribution.
    • Lighting needs: - 11% in artificial lighting needs.

    Fire reaction

    According to EN 13501-1: 

    • For white 09 and EuroColors: Euroclass A1
    • For Silver M5 and EuroDesign : EuroClass : A2-s1, d0.

    Fire resistance

    • 111 Tonga® A 40 ceilings (600 x 600 mm) installed on a T24 Quick-Lock® grid (see test report) satisfy the requirements of Section CO13 in the French fire regulations for public-access buildings.
    Classification Modules (in mm) Load-bearing structures Additional insulation
    REI 30 600 x 600 Concrete, Steel No
    REI 30 600 x 600 Timber, Concrete, Steel 160 mm Eurolène® 603 + From 0 to 200 mm of IBR
    • 111 Tonga® A 40 ceilings (600 x 600 and 1,200 x 600 mm) installed on a T24 Quick-Lock® grid (see test reports) are SF30 according to Belgian standard NBN 713-020.

    Humidity performance

    • 100% flat irrespective of the Relative Humidity.

    Thermal resistance

    • According to the EN 13162, Tonga® A 40 ceilings offer thermal resistance of 1,10 m². K / W.

    Resistance to bending

    • According to EN 13964 - Annex F, Tonga® A 40 ceilings are classified as C/90N/m² et C/132N/m² for dimensions  600 x 600 / 1,200 x 600 / 1,200 x 1,200 mm.
    • This value should be kept in mind if any mineral wool is to be laid in the plenum.


    Environment and health


    • Mineral wool is recyclable, and the vast majority of production waste is recycled. The recycled content (in conformity with the norm ISO 14021) of the product Tonga® A 40  is 23%.
    • For projects based on LEED®, BREEAM® and HQE™ Green Building certifications, EPD (Environmental Product Declarations) are available. Contact us.


    • Eurocoustic stone wool is certified by EUCEB (EUropean CErtification Board for mineral wool product).
    • Stone wool panels are manufactured with fibers exempt from the carcinogenic classification (European Regulation 1272/2008 as amended by European Regulation 790/2009). According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, mineral wool is not classifiable as to its carcinogenicity to humans (Group 3).

    CE Marking

    • DoP no.: G003

    Indoor Air Quality

    • Tonga® A 40 products are classed A+.
    • Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort® Gold certified.

    Installation & Cleaning


    • Installation must conform to the requirements of the DTU 58.1 code of practice, the NF P 68203-1 and 2 standards and other applicable standards and codes of practice according to the type of room.
    • You are advised to ensure that air can circulate between the rooms and the plenum to balance the temperature and pressures on each side of the ceiling.
    • Tonga® A 40 ceilings are fitted on T15 - T24 grids.
    • Tiles can be cut with a craft knife without generating any noise or dust.
    • The direction in which the panels should be installed is indicated on the back of the panels.


    • The surface of Tonga® A 40 ceilings does not retain dust, which makes them easier to clean.
    • Tonga® A 40 ceilings can be cleaned using light brush / vacuum cleaner.
    • This type of cleaning will help extend the service life of Tonga® A 40 ceilings.

    Colors & Dimensions



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    Fast and flexible logistics, technical assistance, customer service: Saint-Gobain Eurocoustic accompanies you on your projects on a daily and long-term basis.

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    Since July 1, 2013, the manufacturer has indicated the CE marking on its products and provided Declarations of Performance (DoP) in pursuance of the Construction Products Regulation.
    The declaration of performance expresses the performance of construction products in relation to the essential characteristics of those products in accordance with the relevant harmonized technical specifications. Declarations include the following performance characteristics:

    • Reaction to fire
    • Release of formaldehyde
    • Flexural strength
    • Acoustic absorption coefficient (αw)
    • Thermal conductivity

    The Declaration of Performance (DoP) alone provided by the manufacturer is sufficient evidence of the fire reaction performance of our products and can be used in place of the fire classification test reports.