Product Benefits

  • Thermal-acoustic solution
  • Acoustic absorption: αw = 1
  • Thermal resistance: 2.2 et 2.20 m². K/W
  • 100% flat irrespective of the moisture content
  • IAQ: Class A+
  • Compliant with French thermal building regulations

Caracteristics & Performance

Acoustic absorption  
Tonga® Therm A 80


  • Light reflection: The light reflection coefficient is for white.
  • White: L = 94.8% - according to ISO 11664-4.
  • Gloss: Matt - The gloss value is - according to ISO 2813.
  • Light diffusion: 100% of the light is diffused.
  • Natural light intake: 6% improvement in natural light distribution.
  • Lighting needs: 11% reduction in artificial lighting needs.

Fire reaction

According to EN 13501-1: 

  • For white: Euroclass A1
  • For colors: Euroclass A2-s1, d0

Humidity performance

  • 100% flat irrespective of the moisture content.

Thermal resistance

  • Tonga® Therm A 80 ceilings offer thermal resistance measured according to EN 12667 and are ACERMI-certified according to EN 13162:
Thickness Thermal resistance
77 mm 2.2 et 2.20 m².K/W
  • Compliant with French thermal building regulations.

Resistance to bending

According to EN 13964 - Annex F, tensile strength is expressed according to two criteria: 

  • The maximum atmospheric conditions to which tiles may be exposed (humidity (%) and temperature (°C)) are expressed in classes from A to D:
Class  Exposure conditions
A Humidity ? 70%
Temperature ? 25°C
B Humidity ? 90%
Temperature ? 30°C
C Humidity ? 95%
Temperature ? 30°C
+ risk of condensation
D Harsher conditions than above
  • The type of load is expressed for a distributed load in N/m² (10 N/m² = 1 kg/m²).

Tonga® Therm A 80 ceilings for exposure class C and all dimensions, including the largest, are classified as C/195N/m².


Environment and health


  • Mineral wool is recyclable, and the vast majority of production waste is recycled. The recycled content of our Tonga® Therm A 80 panels is 45%.
  • For projects based on NF HQE™, LEED® and BREEAM® construction principles, the verified environmental and health product declarations are available at
  • Please contact us for more information about environmental certification.
  • Eurocoustic is certified to ISO 14001: 2004 "Environmental Management Systems".


  • Stone wool panels are manufactured with fibers exempt from the carcinogenic classification (European Regulation 1272/2008 as amended by European Regulation 790/2009). According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, mineral wool is not classifiable as to its carcinogenicity to humans (Group 3).

CE Marking

  • DoP no.: 0007-12, 0007-13 et
    • N° DoP : @@MARQUAGE_CE@@


Indoor Air Quality

  • Products Tonga® Therm A 80 are class A+.

Installation & Cleaning


  • Installation must conform to the requirements of the DTU 58.1 code of practice, the NF P 68203-1 and 2 standards and other applicable standards and codes of practice according to the type of room.
  • You are advised to ensure that air can circulate between the rooms and the plenum to balance the temperature and pressures on each side of the ceiling.
  • Tonga® Therm A 80 ceilings are fitted on T24 - T35 grids.
  • Tiles can be cut with a craft knife without generating any noise or dust.


  • The surface of Tonga® Therm A 80 ceilings does not retain dust, which makes them easier to clean.
  • Tonga® Therm A 80 ceilings can be cleaned using light brush / vacuum cleaner.
  • This type of cleaning will help extend the service life of Tonga® Therm A 80 ceilings.

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