Product Benefits

  • Complete range compatible with Eurocoustic panel thicknesses.
  • White and mate black pre-lacquered finish suited to Quick-Lock® grids.
  • Offset wings for easier screwing into the wall.

Caracteristics & Performance

Fire reaction

According to EN 13964:

  • For white: Euroclass .
  • For colors: Euroclass


  • Wall finish accessories belong to Class B according to the EN 13964 standard on suspended ceilings.

Visual homogeneity

Wall finish accessories are made from white and matt black pre-lacquered steel and are fully compatible with Quick-Lock® grids.


CE Marking

  • DoP no.: .

Indoor Air Quality

  • Les plafonds Accessoires de finition murale sont classés A+. 

Installation & Cleaning

Our commitments

Fast and flexible logistics, technical assistance, customer service: Saint-Gobain Eurocoustic accompanies you on your projects on a daily and long-term basis.

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Since July 1, 2013, the manufacturer has indicated the CE marking on its products and provided Declarations of Performance (DoP) in pursuance of the Construction Products Regulation.
The declaration of performance expresses the performance of construction products in relation to the essential characteristics of those products in accordance with the relevant harmonized technical specifications. Declarations include the following performance characteristics:

  • Reaction to fire
  • Release of formaldehyde
  • Flexural strength
  • Acoustic absorption coefficient (αw)
  • Thermal conductivity

The Declaration of Performance (DoP) alone provided by the manufacturer is sufficient evidence of the fire reaction performance of our products and can be used in place of the fire classification test reports.