Benefits & performances

Mineral wools offer a broad array of properties and can be found in all Eurocoustic ceilings.

When it comes to quality, stonewool is the epitome of excellence. stone wool's benefits lie in its ability to be easily recycled, its thermal properties and its resistance to humidity, as well as the fact that it is non-combustible.

There are two types of suspended ceiling:

  • Monolithic suspended ceilings: these ceilings cannot be removed and prevent any access to the plenum once fitted.

  • Modular suspended ceilings: these ceilings can easily be removed and provide easy access to the plenum and its service ducts.

Our modular suspended stonewool ceilings boast a number of advantages.
Above all, they improve acoustic comfort with a choice of two types of acoustic treatment:

  • Acoustic insulation, whereby the aim is to insulate the room against noise from outside.

  • Acoustic correction, which reduces resonance in a room through acoustic absorption.

At the same time, our modular stonewool ceilings are extremely eye-friendly with their excellent light performance. They also offer fire protection and resistance to humidity, and help promote good indoor air quality and effective thermal insulation as part of your commitment to sustainable development.