Weekly deliveries on fixed days

We deliver to our retailers every week on specific days (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday depending on the location).

Delivery units

Our products are ordered in packs (*) and delivered on pallets.
*except for Acoustipan® products.

Fast delivery times

Delivery times are determined by the product's service class.
All Class A orders received before 4 p.m. on Monday are delivered the following week. All Class B orders are delivered after at least 10 business days. For Class C orders, contact us.


Our sales assistants are ready to provide any support required and respond to any inquiries to ensure that your order runs smoothly, from reception through to delivery and billing. They are just a phone call away for answering all your questions.



Our technical support service is available to offer quick and reliable solutions in response to any technical issues encountered during your projects. Visit the Contact Us page.