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Crystal-clear sound for an enhanced experience

Effective acoustic correction should improve the quality of the voices and sounds heard by the audience in such places as movie theaters and concert halls.
In sports venues, the acoustics must be designed to reduce the sound level and lower the reverberation time, so that users can focus on their chosen sports without unwanted distractions.

Safety first

Excellent fire protection must be a top priority to guarantee users' safety.
These requirements may sometimes include the need for impact resistance, since heavy-impact sports are often played in sports complexes. The Eurocoustic Acoustichoc® range satisfies the criteria governing resistance to repeated impacts as defined in the EN 13964 standard on suspended ceilings (Class 2A and 3A).



"Movie theaters and concert halls"

Acoustic correction is essential in movie theaters and concert halls for ensuring intelligible speech and reproducing the accuracy of all sound effects as faithfully as possible. Acoustic correction can be used to:
  • Fine-tune the level of acoustic comfort and enhance the sound quality for all types of shows and performances.

  • Make dialog easier to understand, regardless of where viewers are sitting in the auditorium.

Viewing quality also plays a crucial role in movie theaters and events venues, and involves using materials with dark colors and matt finishes to prevent reflections and ensure superior screening quality. The main objectives are as follows:

  • Create walls meeting the venue's design specifications.

  • Guarantee viewing quality for the audience, especially by minimizing any visual pollution during the performance.


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